1- Wash your shisha and use a soap and a brush if necessary. It is better to wash it before and after every smoking session.

2- Fill the vase with water until it covers about 2.5 cm or 1 inch of the metal stem.

3- Insert the shisha shaft into the glass vase. Make sure you use the rubber or silicon piece that keep your shisha airtight.

4- Connect the hose(s). Also use the rubber or silicon piece to keep the shisha airtight.

5- Check the air flow by placing your hand on top of the shisha to block air from entering the shisha and try inhaling through the hose. If air doesn’t pass through, then one of the connections is not sealed properly.

6- Place the metal tray on top of the shisha shaft

7- Unscrew the air release valve and make sure there is a little ball inside. Then screw it back again.

Shisha - Al Ajamy


1- Break the tobacco into smaller pieces and drop them smoothly into the bowl.

2- Gently press the tobacco down on the bowl without compressing it.

3- Fill the bowl but stop slightly below the top of the bowl to avoid quickly burning the tobacco later on.

4- Cover the bowl with thick aluminum foil or 2 layers of thin aluminum foil. Make sure it’s well stretched and pressed to the sides of the bowl.

5- Poke the foil with a sharp object, preferably a thick needle or toothpick, for about 14-17 holes for an average sized bowl.

6- Connect the bowl to the top of the shisha shaft.

7- Place 2-3 pieces of charcoal on top of the bowl and to the sides, not the center.

Shisha - Al Ajamy


The colder the water in the vase, the bigger the smoke cloud. You can even use ice cubes.

You can use a charcoal screen on top of the bowl with or without aluminum foil to make your shisha last longer.

Some prefer to warm the bowl after they place the charcoals on top of the bowl and before they start smoking for 3-5 minutes.

If the tobacco tastes charred, take the charcoal off the bowl. Second you remove the bowl carefully to avoid burning yourself and blow through the bottom end of the bowl. Then blow 3-4 times smoothly through the hose without letting the water out of the upper end of the shaft. Then reconnect the bowl to the shaft and blow smoothly through the hose 3-4 times again. Put 2-3 charcoals back on the foil and enjoy your shisha once again.

If you inhale too hard, the air will get so hot that it chars the tobacco. Inhale with a relaxed normal rate and pause between one breath and another.

Make sure you handle heated charcoal safely and using adequate tools.


A bowl of tobacco requires 2-3 cubes of Al Ajamy charcoal at once. It’s preferable that you heat double the amount for when the first round is over. Our charcoal lasts for a round of approximately 50-55 minutes.

Heat directly using a stove flame or an electric burner.

Make sure the charcoals are placed on an object or a charcoal holder and not directly on the gas not to spoil your appliances.

Heat for 10-12 minutes and turn the cubes upside down halftime through.

The charcoal is ready only when it’s glowing orange from all sides.